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New babies – New friendships – Needed connections

Families having fun!

When many women have their first child they enter this world of the unknown when so many things they see, do, hear,  are firsts.  Sometimes it can be a very scary time.  This new baby won’t stop crying.  What is wrong with it?  This baby won’t eat.  Why?  This baby never sleeps.  Will I ever feel normal again?  Questions and uncertainty fill the heads of new moms.  Where should a new mom go for help, advice, reassurance?  Other moms.  Finding groups, activities that you can join in and get to know other moms in the same boat as you is priceless.  Not just for the activity and socialization, which yes is very important, but this is a platform where you can air your worries, concerns, a place where others will appreciate what you are going through and support you in a way that not many others can.  Classes like Kinder Kicks offers moms the chance to come together, chat, air their concerns, help others through something they may have already been through, provide strength to those who are struggling, make lifelong friendships.  Kinder Kicks provides a platform for parents to feel safe, a platform to ask questions and to build the bond between not just the people around them, but their child too.  As well as all of that we also provide the opportunity to have a gentle workout with your baby or toddler, learn together, share together, explore and play together.  Where laughter is heard and encouraged and even when we arrive having not had any sleep, the parents leave happy that they came, they shared and they connected with other families who are going through similar situations.  

When my son was little we joined a group.  We made friends, the group stayed together and our friendships grew.  My son is much older now, and our friendships have grown with us.  All because of this one group, this one lifeline that gave us a belonging, a place to talk freely and reach out for advice or help when we were unsure.  We made lifelong friendships that I am sure will continue to grow with us.  Priceless.

Don’t be on your own, reach out and find the group that will give you an activity to bond with your child, AND give you that sounding board to reassure you when you are unsure and questioning yourself if you are doing things properly.  These meaningful friendships will be strong and follow you through the baby year, toddler, pre school, school, teenager years and beyond.

A great article in the Baby Center:  Mothers Groups – How to find one that suits you.  It highlights the importance of meeting other moms.  Check it out and let us hear your stories.  What groups helped you feel like you belong?  We look forward to reading all about you. @babycenter

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Spotlight on a Kinder Kicks Family – May


Another introduction to one of our amazing Kinder Kicks families for the month of May!  This blog is a great way to get to know our families and to understand why they continue to enroll in our Kinder Kicks program.

1. Parents names:

Meaghan and Will

2. Child’s (children’s) first name and age(s):

Ender will be three in June

3. How many Kinder Kicks sessions have you been enrolled in?

We have been in Kinder Kicks classes for 18 months.

4. Describe your child’s (children’s) personality:

Ender has a very energetic personality and loves to learn!!!

5. What is your favorite part of Kinder Kicks class? Why?

I like incorporating martial arts movements with fun exercises…it keeps them entertained and having fun without thinking it is an exercise. Our class loved all lining up…running to their mother/Oma where we held papers/”boards” for them to break and running back to where they started!!!

6. What is your child’s favorite part of Kinder Kicks class?

Ender loves story time!!! As soon as we start singing for story time to begin Ender comes running!!! He is the first one on the blanket as close as he can be to Ms. Faye!!!

7. How do you feel your child (children) has benefited from participating in Kinder Kicks?

I feel Ender is learning courage/confidence/focus and shows it throughout his play. Ender is not one to run to the front of the class to show what he can do but is starting to take his turn when asked as long as Mama goes with him and helps 🙂 Ender is fully capable of doing all the exercises but is quiet “on stage”. Come to any class and you will see Ender running around being able to express himself on the “sidelines” though. 🙂

8. How has Kinder Kicks served as a source of enrichment for you and your child (children)? I LOVE the time we get to have together for class because I get to see him develop SO much!!! At first the exercises I thought were a bit much but now doing them regularly he is learning how to do them…who would have thought a two year old could do jumping jacks? I am SO proud of the confidence he has shown and I do not have to miss it!!!

9. Which Kinder Kicks character does your child like best (Leadership Lion, Jumping Joey, Black Belt Baboon, etc.)? I am not sure which character Ender likes best but he sure is my little “Jumping Joey” ❤

10. Have any of the Life Lesson stories target a subject that you and/or your child identifies with? If so, which one? How? The Life Lesson stories are helpful during everyday play situations to help Ender make good choices. For example, remembering to keep promises to help others and to use martial arts only in class.

 11. Any comments you’d like to add? We are SO thankful to be a part of Kinder Kicks!!! We LOVE all the life lessons being taught and the ability to help our little “Jumping Joeys” to grow into more advanced martial arts classes as they grow!!! We look forward to growing with Kinder Kicks ❤

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Birthday Parties – Stressful or Fun?

Aaron Party

It’s your babies first birthday party.  There is so much to do.  Who to invite.  Where to have the party.  What if I upset someone because I dont include them………… I remember those questions oh so well but what I was forgetting was who the party was for.  My baby was turning 1 year old – wow – where has the year gone.  I can’t imagine life without him.  What a great year of sleepless nights, giggles, poopy diapers, snuggles……..I love being a mom, infact its the best job I have ever been blessed with, even with all the highs and lows, its part of being a mom – right?  This is your chance to celebrate the first birthday of your child.  In that first year they reach so many ‘first’ developmental goals.  I watch in awe at the learning that goes on with these little Einteins.  It is amazing how they work things out and process what happens around them.  So for their birthday it should be as special as they are, something that includes everyone and allows everyone to join in the fun.  At Kinder Kicks all birthdays are inclusive of the parents.  Imagine dad bouncing baby on his knee to 5 Little Monkeys or mom dancing around with baby to John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.  Then there are the grandparents shaking their shakers in time to the music.  Everyone is engaged and everyone who loves and cares for your baby is celebrating with your baby.  Imagine a birthday where your baby is loved by all and laughs, smiles, giggles and screeches their delight for all to see.  Love is all around them and they will feel that magic.  There are so many resources out there to help you with your party plans from Pinterest to Party Planners.  Choose what is right for your family.  Low stress and lots of fun!  Memories are made of these 🙂  What are your favorite birthday party ideas for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year olds?  We’d love to hear from you.

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Easter Egg Hunt – Ideas and Tradition

Easter Egg Hunt ideas

I have loved building traditions into our family routines throughout the year. One of our most favorite has been our family Easter Egg Hunt. It has slowly grown over the years to include family, neighbors and friends and is one of the funniest highlights of the year watching children and grown ups all scrambling around to fill their baskets with eggs. It is always over way too quickly with the older children being able to monopolise on the hidden eggs. Along the way I have picked up some great ideas on how best to give everyone the opportunity to have an equal amount of eggs and therefore the little ones not being left out.

One idea that stands out is to put age groups into egg colors. Up to 3 year olds pick up PINK eggs only. 4-6 year olds pick up only GREEN eggs. 7-9 year olds only get BLUE eggs etc etc. This way they are equal in age and you wold hope there would be an equal share of the loot. As they get older you can hide the eggs far more giving them more of a challenge.

I attended an Easter Party on Saturday and was in awe of the Easter Egg Hunt that was prepared with meticulous planning by Nancy, mom to Zachary. She chose a disney character for each child and printed a sheet of paper out with each childs name beside their chosen disney character. She then cut out 20 each of those characters and attached them to each individual plastic egg. These eggs were small, medium and very very large. She then gave each parent a picture list of all the characters and the childs name that was assigned to each disney character. In the park there we re 100’s of eggs all spread out. The children and parents were told they had to find ONLY the eggs with their chosen disney character stuck on each egg and that each child would have 20 eggs to find. So….. going back to my earlier comment about Easter Egg hunts being over so quickly, this was a MAGNIFICENT idea. Each child young and old had to look and look for their disney character egg. Parents looked, grandparents looked and it turned into a family activity that took 30 minutes plus. There was lots of teamwork and children and adults young and old had the best time. Also each child had the same amount of eggs so everyone was happy 🙂

Kinder Kicks is adapting this idea using the Kinder Kicks Remarkable Me characters. Each child in class will be assigned a Remarkable Character and will have to find that character on each egg before placing the egg in their basket. Lots of fun and independent learning 🙂 What are your Easter Egg Hunt ideas and traditions?

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